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It's a never-ending fight: Day by day we create a vast number of new files on our harddisk. It then happens all too easily that sometime many files will be existing multiple times on our disk. We often don't notice this, just until we wonder why there is absolutely no storage space anymore. There are plenty of programs which detect such duplicate copies, but unfortunately they can't avoid their arisal. Therefore FastFileFinder is employed before file creation: When you are not sure, if the file you are currently willing to store, doesn't already exist on your disk, just pass the file to FastFileFinder and it will quickly search the directory specified in search.txt (and its subdirectories) for files with the same name. If FastFileFinder finds something, you don't need to save the file anymore, because you already have it. Duplicate copy fended!

FastFileFinder works best, if you integrate it into the menu, which pops up, when you right click on a file (the so-called context menu). There are tools, which help you with the integration. Just use Google.


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  • 17 August 2008:
First public release: Version 1.0.0