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This program only supports German language, because it was written before FaVorithSoft's focus on the international audience. However, it is very easy to use, even if you don't speak German. Just read the little How-to below.

A .htaccess file allows, among other things, the definition of error pages for the own website. These are displayed when a certain file was not found. However, the Windows file browser doesn't allow you to create files starting with a dot (which is, obviously, a requirement to use .htaccess files). Don't worry - htCreator helps you! It enables you to create files with exotic names, such as the .htaccess file - as long as they are supported by the system.

Short How-to for the English-speaking audience:
htCreator LIGHT simply offers two input fields: The first one is for inserting the desired file name, the second contains the future contents of the file. As soon as you have entered the aforesaid data, you can press the left button with the pen and paper icon (labeled with Datei erstellen, which is German for Create file). Finally you can exit the program by pressing the right button (Beenden means Exit).


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  • 22 January 2005:
First public release: Version 1.0.0