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Stitches several pictures together to one sprite


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Running spriteconv The original files The handy sprite created by spriteconv


Game developers will love this tool: When you program a game, you want animations, of course. These are often realized by images, which contain every state of the animation - the so-called sprites. They are handy, small and easy to use. Unfortunately, your graphic designers won't create animations as sprites, but as numerous single files. You could now fire up your image processing tool and stich these images together - one after the other... Stop! Safe your valuable time and let spriteconv do this annoying job. Specify, how many images you want per column and row - et voilĂ  - your sprite is being created within seconds.

How to use spriteconv
In order to enable developers to automate sprite conversion, it was designed as a command line tool. Below you find a short description on how to parameterize spriteconv.


This program requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in version 6 or higher!

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  • 17 August 2008:
First public release: Version 1.0.1